Lakeland Bears

Postcards and Greetings Cards

Over the years we have produced 63 postcards and 25 greetings cards. There are two groups of postcards - classic and wildlife - and three sets of greetings cards - series 1, series 2, Christmas and an early one off card.

Classic Postcards

L1 to L8 - Introduced 1989
L1 - Fishing on Rydal Water L2 - Gathering Wool above Rydal L3 - Quarrying above Elterwater L4 - Climbing near Langdale
L5 - Fellwalking below Helvellyn L6 - Mountain Rescue above Thirlmere L7 - Litter gathering at Tarn Hows L8 - Daffodils at Troutbeck
L9 to L20 - Introduced 1990
L9 - Driving Sheep at Ings near Windermere L10 - Penning Sheep at Ings near Windermere L11 - Prize Winning Sheep - Ings near Windermere L12 - Reflections on Wast Water
L13 - Game of 'Pooh Sticks' - Carrock Beck near Caldbeck L14 - Walking beside Carrock Beck near Caldbeck L15 - A Bear and his dog - Kirkstone Pass L16 - Raining again! - Ullswater
L17 - Looking for birds above Ullswater L18 - Honey bees and Heather - Patterdale L19 - Morning stroll beside Windermere L20 - Picking blackberries at Troutbeck
L21 to L28 - Introduced 1992
L21 - Camping beside Coniston Water L22 - Yew Tree Tarn near Coniston L23 - Backpacking - Langdale L24 - Letter home - St. John's in the Vale
L25 - Walking the Dog - Langdale L26 - Which way now? - Thirlmere L27 - A quiet stroll - Coniston L28 - Above Derwent Water
L29 - Introduced 1992
"Beside Lake Windermere" was a 'one off' greetings card. A small number of unsold cards were cut to create the L29 postcard, which was never reprinted. Subsequently L29 is one of the rarest postcards and much sought after by collectors.
  Beside Lake Windermere L29 - Sailing boats on Windermere
L30 to L33 - "Happiness is..." cards introduced 1993
L30 - ...the smell of freshly baked bread L31 - ...a helping paw on wash-day L32 - ...busy paws in the workroom L33 - ...friends and a room full of toys
L34 to L41 - Introduced 1993/1994
L34 - Another wet day in Borrowdale L35 - Mountain rescue near Bowfell L36 - Steamboat on Windermere L37 - Looks like we'll have to walk!
L38 - We are here (Windermere) L39 - Relaxing Beside Windermere L40 - On Lakeland Rock (near Coniston) L41 - Lunch at Tarn Hows
L42 to L49 - Introduced 1995
L42 - Stock Ghyll - Ambleside L43 - Eskdale L44 - Winter in Troutbeck L45 - Haweswater - The drowned village of Mardale
L46 - Passing the time of day L47 - Beatrix Bear and friend at near Sawrey L48 - "Is it safe Dad?" L49 - When the going gets tough
L50 to L55 - Introduced 1999/2000
L50 - Wordworth's daffodils - Ullswater L51 - Sailing on Ullswater L52 - Grasmere from Helm Crag L53 - Windermere from Waterhead, Ambleside
  L54 - Lost in the mists of time - Castlerigg Stone Circle, Keswick L55 - Fishing for tiddlers in the Trout Beck near Windermere  

Cumbria Wildlife Trust Postcards

W1 to W8 - Introduced 2001
W1 - Woodland Bluebells W2 - Derwentwater W3 - Elterwater W4 - Bassenthwaite Lake
W5 - Looking across Patterdale to Helvellyn W6 - Helm Crag Above Grasmere W7 - Wastwater W8 - Ambleside

Greetings Cards (series 1)

GC1 to GC10 - Introduced 1990
GC1 - Proud parents GC2 - Cottage garden GC3 - One bear and his dog GC4 - Gone fishing
GC5 - Anyone for tennis? GC6 - Buttercups and daisies GC7 - Maypole
GC8 - See-saw GC9 - Autumn leaves GC10 - Conkers

Greetings Cards (series 2)

GC11 to GC18 - Introduced 2001
GC11 - One Bear and his Dog GC12 - Out for Adventure GC13 - Daffodils GC14 - Rambling Along
GC15 - Gone Fishing GC16 - Just for you GC17 - Tartan twosome GC18 - The Toy Box

Christmas Cards

Introduced 1988
CC1 - Santa opens his sack CC2 - Opening presents is fun
CC3 - Busy in the kitchen CC4 - Christmas tea
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