Lakeland Bears

Happy Memories

Bears Arriving

When Wendy received a large box of undressed bears from Little Folk or Deans the furry friends couldn't wait to escape. Each bear would be beautifully dressed by Wendy with no two ever being identical (unless part of a limited edition).

Bears in Shop

So many bears lived at the Lakeland Bear shops that they filled all available space and even hung from the walls.

Bear's Shop Bear's Shop

In the mid 1990s an old fashioned general store was created as an attractive shop window display. The (bear) customers changed regularly. Some days pretty Victorian style ladies would be buying items (first picture). On other days bears would be enthusiastically choosing their lucky numbers for the National Lottery (second picture).

Penny Roller

Lakeland Bears helped several charities over the years. Especially close to their hearts was Cumbria Wildlife Trust. Behind a glass screen a little wildlife scene was created. A bear surrounded by wild animals invited customers to post coins through the slot in the screen and try to make them land in the pond. This proved hugely popular and several hundred pounds were raised for this worthy cause.


In 2002 three tall ships sailed into Whitehaven on the Cumbrian coast. These provided the perfect opportunity to photograph the very smart sailor bear named Hornblower. Here he stands on the quayside with his map, trunk and sextant.


Lakeland Bears never miss an opportunity to pose for the camera.

Skating Bear

In centuries gone by, when winters were colder, the lakes in Cumbria would regularly freeze. William Wordsworth loved ice skating and here a Lakeland Bear (with skates attached to his clogs) demonstrates the art.


Bears always liked to submit articles for the Collectors Club magazines but tempers could be fraught and a lot of paper wasted.

Soldier bear for wedding

ON GUARD 1999 - Lakeland Bears looked very smart dressed as Guards for the wedding of HRH Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones on 19th June 1999. Here they can be seen here guarding the TV.

Roman Bear

ON GUARD 2000 YEARS AGO - Romans lived in the Lake District and other parts of Cumbria 2000 years ago. They built Hadrian's Wall to protect England from invading Scots. To celebrate the millennium a large shop window display featured a Lakeland Bear dressed as a Roman Centurion.

© John Phillips and Wendy Phillips